Sabtu, 18 Disember 2010


It seems that US Federal Bank can print out all the money they want to use and it will be accepted anywhere in the world. And on the other hand, our government will not print out RM as many as we like because it will devalue our Ringgit. But the thing that worrying us is when US print their money let say USD600Billion and some of it will be exchange to Ringgit

Therefore, when American want to do business or shopping in Malaysia, more USD will be exchange to Ringgit and Bank Negara Malaysia will be force to print out RM in order to fulfill the request. Dumping of Ringgit Malaysia in the market will lead to reducing purchasing power resulting in inflation. I suggest that our government to use gold or Euro whenever we want to do trading with another countries. The sooner the better. And never again keep the USD as our reserve currency.

{sources: http://mencandat.blogspot.com/}

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