Sabtu, 14 Februari 2009

THE 14th OF FEB ...

Today is 14th of February. Coincidently, this date falls on Saturday in this year, 2009. Therefore, majority of couples from all over the world know about the history of this date. Even, they keep waiting for the date in every year to show their ‘LOVE’ especially for their partners. And surely, this night all bar’s managers smiling broadly because they will welcome so many couples to enjoy the party in the clubs. They will celebrate this day in many ways such as drink, dance, and even sex. As a result, 14th of Feb is a special day for them.

Valentine Day according to knowledgeable literature; it is a part of 'symbol' for Nasrani's religion. The history of this day comes from a ritual of Romans (org2 Rom Kuno). Paus Gelasius 1 in 496 M, He includes this Roman’s ritual for Nasrani’s religion. Now, from that day Nasrani’s Religion have their official day which is known as "Valentine’s Day".
The Encyclopedia Britinia, vol. 12, sub title: Christianity. It tells us that: “so that in getting close to the Christianity, in 496 M Paus Gelasius 1 has decided that this kind of Romans’ ritual is one of a celebrating day for church with name Saint Valentine’s Day, for them to respect St. Valentine who coincidently died on 14th of Feb (The World Encyclopedia 1998).

As I am a Muslim,
So I am glad to write from the Muslim’s perspectives.
Although I am not fluent to speak and even write in English, but I try my best to complete this article so that all people can read and understand (especially for Non-Muslims from other countries). As far as I concerned, majority of Muslim in Malaysia nowadays (especially youth), they have gone too far from Quranic teaching. I fell sorry to say that. I am also one of Malaysian youth. But then, I still can think rational even I am not a good follower of Quranic teaching. However, I always try to improve myself to be a good Muslims. I can feel that celebrating Valentine Day is impermissible, so I am not involving in that particular day. Yes, in Islamic teaching we do appreciate women. But, we appreciate them as a ‘beautiful decoration’ for men in this world. We are prohibited to ‘destroy’ them through sex as many couples did in today’s reality. My opinion, when we celebrate this day, meaning that we get close to have sex. Yes, may be you are not involve in this situation. However, majority out there they did every year.

Therefore, I do hope that all Muslims (especially youth in Malaysia), do not get involve to celebrate 14th of February. Remember that you will be asked by God (The Almighty) in the hereafter whatever you have done in this world. You have to choose either to enter Paradise or Hell. Just for my own opinion. Think …


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